Generator & Heater Rental in Lima, Ohio


We have high-performance generators to fit your job and budget! You may also be looking for a wedding generator rental or heaters for your next outdoor party. No matter what, we offer portable power when and where you need it!

The Wacker Neuson generator is built for construction, farm applications, and homeowners alike. It features a heavy duty and lightweight compact frame. This provides job site protection while reducing storage space requirements. It also has a large, low permeation fuel tank for long, uninterrupted operation. The Wacker Neuson generator has an easy-to-read fuel gauge and meets EPA and CARB regulations. A super quiet muffler allows for versatile operation under all conditions.

A great feature is an auto-idle control with time delay, which automatically reduces the engine to a low speed, decreasing fuel consumption, noise, and wear on connected electrical loads. A central GFCI sensor system eliminates common GFI outlet failures while offering personal protection on all receptacles including 240 volts. This generator meets the latest NEC and OSHA jobsite standards. It’s best in its class with tool starting and voltage regulation, due to unique step start generator technology with automatic voltage regulation and separate excitation winding.

Rent All Mart has oil-fired heaters ranging from 75,000 – 125,000 BTU and can heat from 1750 –3000 SF. We carry Reddy brand oil fired heaters.

Got propane? We rent propane-fired heaters ranging from 100 – 375 BLP. We also rent 100 # cylinders for our propane heaters. We also offer convection heaters in several sizes.

Browse our large inventory of generators and heaters available to rent:

Generators and Heaters

Generator, 2500W

Generator, 6600W

Heaters, Infrared, 125K BTU

Heaters, Kerosene, 110,000 BTU

Heaters, Kerosene, 125,000 BTU

Heaters, Propane, 100,000 BTU

Heaters, Propane, 155,000 BTU

Heaters, Propane, 375,000 BTU

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