Homeowner Tools for Flooring and More in Lima, Ohio


If you need help with a DIY Lima flooring project, let our experts help walk you through it! We’ll give you the lowdown on floors, building, refinishing, laying new tile, or cleaning carpet, along with the right equipment and supplies for the project. When it comes to floors, we make it easier than ever to achieve professional results while satisfying your bottom line!

Rent the Equipment, Keep the Advice!”

Browse our large inventory of rental tools for homeowners:

Floor Care and Carpet Tools

Floor Sander, Drum

Floor Sander, U-Sand

Tile Cutter, Manual

Power Trowel 36"

Tile Cutter, Electric, 12'-18"

Floor Nailer

Linoleum Roller

Carpet Cleaner, Extractor

Knee Kicker

Power Room Stretcher

Seaming Iron

Stair Tool

Carpet Trimmer

Turbo Floor Dryer

Floor Polisher 13"

Floor Polisher 17"

Floor, High Speed Buffer, 19"

Vacuum, Industrial 10 gallon

Tile/Carpet Stripper, Floor

Ceramic Tile Stripper

Hand Tools and Home Repair

Airless Paint Sprayer

Core Drill, Handheld

Core Drill Rig w/Vac

Core Drill Bits 1.5-5"

Magnetic Nail Sweep

Miter Box Power, 10"

Grinder, 5"

Rotary Hammer Drill, 1/2"-2"

Sander, Oscillating


Wallpaper Steamer

Acoustic Sprayer

Air Nailer or Stapler

Aluminum Break, 10'

Hammer Drill, 1/2"-1"

Acoustic Sprayer

Contact us at 419-228-1125 to learn more about equipment details and rates.