Lawn & Garden Tools for Rent in Lima, Ohio


If you’re asking yourself, “How much to rent a log splitter?” or “How much does it cost to rent a rototiller?”, you’ve come to the right place! Rent All Mart offers a wide variety of lawn and garden rental items to help cut the cost of your major landscaping project!

Why pay outlandish prices for landscape improvements? Rental lets you get the job done for a whole lot less. The kind of yard you’ve always dreamed about is now easier than ever to achieve!

Browse our large inventory of lawn and garden rental tools:

Lawn and Garden Tools

Aerator, Pull, 40"

Aerator, Gas, Power

Auger, Manual, Posthole

Auger, Tioga, Tow Behind, 6-18"

Auger, Tioga, Self-Propelling, 6-18"

Brick Saw

Cable Layer

Chainsaw, Gas, 16"

Chipper, Up to 6" Dia.

Cultivator, Honda, Gas

Edger, Bed Shaper

Edger, Sidewalk

Hedge Trimmer, Electric, 16"

Hedge Trimmer, Electric, 30"

Hedge Trimmer, Gas, 30"

Lawn Roller, Push

Lawn Roller, Pull

Leaf Blower, Hand-held

Leaf Blower, Walk Behind

Log Splitter, Vertical

Lawn Mower

Pole Saw, 10"

Post Driver


Sod Cutter, Power

Sprayer, Gas, 25 Gal.

Spreader, Lawn, Push

Spreader, Lawn, Pull

Spreader, Lawn, Pull, 5'

Straw Blower

Stump Grinder, Walk Behind

Thatcher, Lawn

Thatcher, Pull-behind

Tiller, Midline, 3.5hp

Tiller, Rear Tine

Tree Pruner, 10'

Vacuum, Lawn

Weed Eater

Weed Cutter, 24" S.P.


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