Moving and Automotive Tools for Rent in Lima, Ohio


Hit the road, Jack! When you’re looking for a trailer rental in Ohio, or a moving dolly rental, get all the stuff you need for any moving job at Rent All Mart! We’ve got what it takes to get your assets to where it needs to be and in one piece.

We have a wide selection of 3 and 4 jaw pullers for automotive, farm, and pulley applications., plus posi lock pullers and slide hammer pullers. We also carry engine hoists that are towable or tear down type. We have hydrolic transmission jacks along with engine stands and even a car trailer to haul your project to a different location. And all at competitive prices!

Browse our impressive inventory of auto tool rental items and moving supply rental tools:

Automotive Tools

Air Tank

Ball Joint Spreader

Bearing Splitter

Clutch Alignment Tool

Dent Puller

Engine Hoist

Impact Wrench, 1/2 Electric

Jack, Transmission

Polisher, Auto

Puller Bearing S/H

Pullers 2 & 3, Jaw

Spring com., McPheron and Coil

Moving Tools

Appliance Cart

Furniture Dolly

Furniture Pads (dz)

Piano Dolly

Trailer - Auto

Trailer - Dump

Trailer - Deckover

Trailer - Enclosed, 20'

Trailer - Equipment

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