Plumbing Tool Rental in Lima, Ohio


When you’re working on plumbing in Lima, Ohio and surrounding areas and you need to rent a plumbing camera, call Rent All Mart! We provide a host of plumbing supplies such as a drain auger rental or plumber snake rental. We have all the things you’d never buy for those one-time repairs along with advice to get the job done right!

Browse our large inventory of plumbing supplies available to rent:

Drain Snakes and Plumbing

Auger, Closet

Auger, Sinkline, 25', Manual

Auger, Sinkline, 35', Power

Power Trowel 36"

Auger, General, 1-3", 50'

Auger, Sewer, 3-6", 72'

Auger, Drum, 3-6", 100'

Extra Cable, 8'

Conduit Bender

Pipe Cutter, 2"

Pipe Reamer

Pipe Threader 1/4"-1"

Pipe Vice

Sewer Camera and Locator

Soil Pipe Cutter


Jack, Railroad, 700 lb.

Jack, House, Screw

Pallet Jack, 4500 lb.

Pressure Washers

2000 psi Cold Water Pressure Washer

3000 psi Cold Water Pressure Washer

4000 psi Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer

1500 psi Hot Water Electric Pump

3500 psi Hot Water Gas Pump


1.25"" Submersible Electric Pump

2" Submersible Electric Pump

2" Gas, Centrifugal Pump

2" Gas Pump

3" Gas Pump

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